How to make a comic book – Part 1

Hmmmm – well looking at comics in general there are several things I need to be able to do:

1) Draw a human face and figure – I want the characters to be fairly realistic so need to be pretty good at this

2) Draw good backgrounds – this means a good understanding of perspective, light and shadow and all sorts of other things I expect…

3) Ink my drawings – if done on paper then they need to be inked to reproduce well on scans – if done on a tablet then the techniques will also be useful for emphasis.

4) Colour? Actually I think my work may be B/W so I wont need this. Yet. This makes point 3 all the more important though as I’ll need good inking techniques to replace the lack of colour.

5) Lettering. Oh I suppose I could download a fancy comicbook font and use that (and may eventually do so…) but for now I’d like the liveness of hand lettering.

Any other suggestions?


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