How to draw Action – starting with Gesture

What IS gesture? In the words of Stan Prokopenko (the author of this fabulous video):

“Gesture, rhythm, motion, action, flow – these are all words that are used interchangeably and they basically mean the same thing. They all refer to the movement between things. It’s not the contour, or the form, or the tone. It’s the MOVEMENT that connects the contours, the forms and the tones.”

Note the words here – for those of us wanting to draw comicbooks they translate into one think – ACTION. In a prior post I illustrated how some figures look stiff – as though they are frozen.

You could argue that “of course they are frozen – it’s a still picture”. I disagree. In my opinion it’s the artists job to make a still picture look like movement. Getting the Gesture right will allow you to do that.

You can see many other free videos by Stan here

You can see one of my own attempts at gesture drawing here


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