Tales of Action #2 – The Fugitives page 1

Tales of Action #2 - The Fugitives page 1

As many readers won’t be familiar with the style of the old WW2 comics I have taken the liberty of reprinting a 4 page story – sadly without permission as I cannot contact the publisher. It was originally published by Alan Class and Co. If anyone can give me the year of publication I’d be very grateful.

I love the use of the rather racist term ‘Kraut’ on this page – I wonder what reaction this would cause nowadays…


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2 thoughts on “Tales of Action #2 – The Fugitives page 1

  1. “Kraut” is sort of a funny term in that it is a term *for* Germans, but one that doesn’t exist in German. So Germans who don’t know the English/American language/culture well might mostly be confused. Those who DO know it, however, would almost certainly find it offensive, since it’s not only a term for Germans, but very closely associated with WW2 Germans.

    However, since it’s used here in dialog SET in WW2, and is therefore both historically and politically accurate, I imagine most people might find it uncomfortable (as WW2 stories generally are), but not specifically be offended by it. It’s not like anyone is calling a modern German person that.

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