Great art styles for comic books

These are a small selection of art styles that would be (in my opinion) great to use in a comic book. Every so often I’ll publish another crop. If you click on a picture it will take you to the artists own blog.

Corey Atherly I chose all of the four pieces today for their powerful use of colour – the first two showing how simple uniform colours and no shading or real background can give great a fabulous impact – note the change in background colour in the panel where the character is raging at something. Also note the ‘three hands’ showing movement and how the character is reading the book and flipping pages rapidly.


I love the unusual nature of this – to me it looks digitally created (the author does not say). The coloured panels are very straight edged and on a black background. It terms of panel edges and gutter spaces (more later) this is very ambiguous and adds to the character enormously.


In the second page you can see that the panel boundaries are broken as the figure moves from one panel to another – a powerful suggestion of a change of form or state. This way of using panels is not seen often and never lacks impact. Finally consider the storyline – you can see what it is despite the complete absence of words… The author speaks about this piece here.

Juan Navarro Once again, I chose this author’s pieces because of the use of colour – the firs of these uses acrylic paints – on of my favourite painting mediums but one I’ve never though to use for a comic book. Look at the expression evoked by these simple lines and colours and the contrast between the figure and the backdrop. I will have to try this myself one day – if you have a go yourself then I’d recommend painting big and shrinking the image down.


In contrast, the image below by the same author uses marker pen to wonderful effect – here the wild pen lines come together for wonderfully emotive picture.


Imagine the type of comic book suited to these types of image – in my own opinion I’d love to see an emotive, character-driven piece – what do you think?

If you’d like to tell me about some interesting art, either your own or someone else’s then  either comment on this page or fill out the form below:


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