My Pictures – attempting the female form

My Pictures - attempting the female form

Here you can see my attempts to draw a female form by the Loomis method – this was only my third or fourth try and I am quite happy with it – you can see my review of Loomis’s book here and his guideline picture is there too.

In this method the body dimensions are measured in ‘head lengths’ – you can see that one square is exactly the same length as the head. The normal figure is about 7 heads high but an idealised figure (as seen in comicbooks) is about 8 heads high.

The neck extends down from the chin about 1/6th of a head length and the flat part of the shoulders is about 1/3rd down from the chin. Nipples are highly variable in women with breast size but a guide is 1 and 1/6th down from the chin and navel (belly button) is 1 head lower. The shoulders are 2 heads wide at the widest point.

Some details I call attention to if you try this yourself – the deltoid muscle at the shoulder has a slightly flattened appearance from the front – it is not as rounded as you might think (see black arrow below) . Also note the tiny bulge of bone at the shoulder – this is the acromioclavicular joint (white arrow).

Model Veronica showing deltoid and AC joint

Also notice the thickness of the neck on the second attempt – it’s easy to draw the neck too thin – in most people its actually nearly the width of the head it supports – you will need to make a stylistic decision on this.

My next instalment will discuss the lower part of this figure 🙂

If you fancy a go, then copy the grid below and print it out. Good luck!



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