Review – Artists photoposes – Veronica

Every so often I will do reviews of books and tools that I find useful – today I am reviewing an artists poses photoset.

When learning to draw the human figure, whether it be gesture, form or anatomy you would ideally have life model. For those with a studio and loads of cash this is no problem.

For the rest of us, what options are there?

The cheapest is to do an internet search – find almost any search engine and do an image search for ‘dancer’ and you’ll get some good pictures. You can also try ‘athlete’ or ‘sportsman’ but the pickings are less good.

The disadvantage of this route is that it takes ages to get good pictures and without visiting some ‘interesting’ sites the models are all likely to be clothed – this is not ideal unless you want to draw pretty much exactly what the model in the photo is wearing!

So. What else is there?

I wanted a set of pictures with hundreds of poses – I found this on the website. The cost is $10 (about £6) and you get 433 Photos of 2300 x 3400 pixels at 300 dpi.

That’s a fair few pictures. 112 photos are with flesh coloured underwear and bra. The remaining ones are nude. My examples below are censored for younger readers – the set from Proko are not.

Veronica set


So what are the poses like? I won’t pretend these are ‘superhero’ poses. They are generally not though a few might be adaptable. What they will give you is a massive array of poses from relatively simple to draw through to really quite difficult. There are standing, sitting and lying poses – some from odd angles that challenge the artist and give opportunity to practice with foreshortening.

The majority are just figure studies but there are a good selection with various props: a long staff-like stick, a football (soccer ball), high heels, a chair, and some combinations. The background is completely white and the pictures are superbly lit giving clear views of face and figure.

I bought this set a couple of months ago and use it often – you can set the pictures up on your computer in powerpoint or similar to change every so often if you want to practice speed drawing. I tend to just call the shots up one at a time and use them for gesture practice.

All in all, I’d rate this a superb product – 5/5 – they are cheap, high quality and very very useful if you are serious about being able to draw the human figure. The author has other photosets available of different models including males – I expect I’ll buy another soon…


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