My Pictures – attempting the female form Pt 2

My Pictures - attempting the female form

This is the second part of my ‘how to draw a figure’ by the method described in this superb book here by Andrew Loomis. His original guideline picture (much better than mine) is there too.

Remember, in this method the body dimensions are measured in ‘head lengths’ – you can see that one square is exactly the same length as the head. The normal figure is about 7 heads high but an idealised figure (as seen in comicbooks) is about 8 heads high.

Previously I dealt with mostly the shoulder. Today I want to move further down and draw attention to the breasts and waist. Last time I mentioned that the nipples are about 1 and 1/6th down from the bottom of the chin. The bottom of the breast is classically drawn 1/6 of a head below this though a lot depends upon how large you want the breasts to be. The nipples are set half a head length (not width) from the midline. This means they are 1  head apart from each other.

1 head below the nipples is the belly button. Note that the thinnest part of the waist is slightly above the belly button it rests 2 heads below the bottom of the chin.


Moving down further, you will notice a point labelled just ‘angle’ on the top drawing. What I mean by this is that there is not a smooth curve from waist into the leg – there is a smooth angle, almost like a step – see also photo above. This is caused by the brim of the pelvis pushing out here in what is known as the iliac crest (red arrow below).


In my next post in this series I will tackle the legs! As before, if you fancy a go, then copy the grid below and print it out. Good luck!



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