Review – Art Model 4 photopose book.

art models 4


Art Models 4: Life Nude Photos for the Visual Arts by Maureen and Douglas Johnson

Books of this type are a life saver for those learning to draw the human figure. I previously reviewed a set of poses from In comparison, this Kindle ebook from Amazon startrs out well on price – it’s less that £4!  For this you get about 270 pictures in the kindle version of a variety of models including male and female with older as well as younger models and pregnant models. Standing, sitting and lying poses are included as well as some photos of man and woman together e.g a sitting massage and eating dinner.

One big selling point made by the authors is that each pose is included from four viewpoints – this would be more useful if the viewpoints had been intelligently chosen instead of front, both sides and rear. In some cases at least one shot is almost completely obscured by a prop. Having said this, the extra viewpoints do add value to the collection.

One minor gripe is the lighting – this is not as good as the Proko set for anatomy – as the lighting is more directional and less good for the anatomy. It is, however, possibly better if you want the pictures to study light and shade.


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