Underwater scene

Underwater scene

Comic books do not consist of figures alone – it does not matter how superb your action looks, you need a background of some sort.

I did this project as an exercise in composition for a course – the picture was constructed as follows

1: Apply a lot of water to a sheet of watercolour paper
2: Use a brush to dab ink (Windsor and Newton Cobalt) onto the page – the water soluble ink drifts beautifully
3: Wait for it to dry – this does not take long – an hour at most.
4: Flatten the paper under a heavy book for about a week*
5: Draw the black with a thick permanent marker – the ‘brain coral’ on the bottom right was drawn by just letting the background show through – I wanted this to be a primary feature.
6: The tiny ‘fish’ running bottom left to top right were done with the tip of the marker.
7: The jellyfish top left were drawn with a Derwent Iris Blue 0900 Inktense pencil

*This can be avoided if you ‘stretch’ the paper in advance – stupidly I did not do this – I will next time. This video shows you how…



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