Three Favourite Things

I want to talk about images. In particular the three images in comic books that have the most impact – things that are so visceral that they appear time and time again and, for me, always make me pause and look again and again.

The first is blood. Perhaps unsurprisingly. The image of red against skin or a stone or bright greenery is so powerful. It can be anything from a drop of blood from the nose to a bullet through the head. It can show death, defeat or the joy on batman’s face as he gets up from a punch.


The second is falling. The image of someone falling has been used powerfully so many times: Gwen Stacey falling to her death and the Joker falling into a vat of acid spring to mind. Comic book heroes fall all the time but somehow you know it’s going to be fine. For the other characters it can often herald a great change in life – or an end to life…


My last and the most positive is simply this – the kiss… Nuff said!


What are your favourite images – the ones that really stick in your mind?